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In 1969 Adolfo Fernández saw clearly that Castilla la Mancha was going to become the vineyard of Europe. Due to this astute vision of the future, he expanded his business and founded the current Alcoholes y Vinos, S.A. (Alvisa) being the first in the area to create an industrial distillation.

Its objective was to be able to generate large volumes of spirits and wines, which is why the current continuous distillation tower was built. That is one of the icons of the distillery.

He continued to work hard to grow the quality and quantity of customers, becoming a well-known producer worldwide.

So much so that, in 1984, it was acquired by the world-famous Japanese group Suntory. The traditional distillation methods were combined with innovative technologies to achieve the best final product. Our iconic Charentais French alembics distill soft and complex brandies like Alvisa XO.



French alembics, Spanish alquitaras, and 15,000 French oak barrels were included in the distillery to offer a high demand of quality and quantity.


Our brandies are elaborated from the delicate process of double distillation with our French alembics. They are distilled twice to improve the quality of the resulting product, by removing a part (the tails) using only the best part (heart), which is aged quietly in our limousin French oak barrels.

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